Apple Updates the Clips App for AR and the iPhone X

This morning, Apple quietly released a brilliant new update for their Clips app, supporting both augmented reality and the new iPhone X.  The Clips app, originally released earlier this year, has not picked up as much steam and retention as Apple would hope for, but this new update should start pushing it in that direction.  How? AR and Star Wars. That’ll do it.

The app has a redesigned layout making it a bit easier, and less clunky, to use.  The new Scenes button is for selfie video, and on the iPhone X, it utilizes the TrueDepth camera to track your head in real time, and augmented reality to wipe out your existing background and replace it with one of many choices.  You can choose from a neon metropolis, various artistic backgrounds, as well as a couple Star Wars themes including the bridge of the Millenium Falcon.  You can walk around as you shoot video and turn, and you will see different parts of the background as it tracks your movement in real time.  This new feature should be huge for Apple and these new AR videos will start popping up in no time all over social media.

Apple’s Clips app is available now from the App Store for free, and can be downloaded here.

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