Comica Audio, a leading professional broadcast audio company, announced today new marketing recruitment opportunities for influencers, ambassadors, and designers. Comica Audio is the manufacturer of professional audio equipment, including wireless microphones, shotgun microphones, accessories, and more.

Comica Audio marketing opportunities include:

  • Ambassador Recruitment.
  • Monthly Reviewer Recruitment.
  • Co-Design Campaigns.
  • Ideal-Product Design Campaigns.

Ambassador Recruitment

Comica Audio is looking for interesting, creative, and passionate people to join Comica’s big family. If you are interested in sound recording and video production and also have marketing ideas, please contact: to become Comica’s Ambassador.
1. Create review/tutorial/educational videos for Comica’s product.
2. Cooperate with local influencers.
3. Research local audio solution needs and submit feedback.
4. Be Comica’s speaker in local workshops and events.
5. Translate the user manual in the local language.
1. Payment determined by experience level.
2. Multi-channel promotion of your content by Comica.
3. Receive unreleased products in advance.
4. Receive any Comica product.
5. Take part in tradeshows and workshops.
1. Active on social media (YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook).
2. Involved in the video and audio production industry with more than two years of work experience.
3. Available for the U.S. and Spanish speaking countries only.

Monthly Reviewer Recruitment

Comica Audio is recruiting reviewers. See social media for info: Comica Instagram: and Comica Facebook:
1. Receive Comica products for free.
2. Opportunity to have your content selected by Comica for use in multi-channel promotions (with credit to you).
3. Chance to be an ambassador for Comica.

Co-Design Campaign

Opportunities are available to collaborate on product design with Comica. Contact: with the subject line: Co-design from XXX. After receiving the email, Comica will contact you to discuss the cooperation; and if an agreement is reached, Comica will produce a sample and the product will be sold as a co-design joint product. When the product is released, you will upload a review video to Comica’s user group and your own social media platforms. Comica will also promote it on their official social media sites. Payment will be discussed during contract arrangements; and payment will be made to you quarterly via wire transfer or PayPal. Designers also have the opportunity to become long-term product manager partners and join branding promotions, including workshop and trade shows.

Ideal-Product Design Campaign

To customize your own ideal products, email with the subject line: Ideal-design from XXX. After receiving the email, Comica will contact you to discuss the implementation and price of manufacturing. If you decide to cooperate with Comica’s branding promotion, they will provide you with a discount or waive the fee. Customized products will be your own unique products. If you have any questions or feedback on Comica’s joint development or product customization, please email:

All these marketing opportunities are available immediately. For more information, see the website: www.comica-audio.comFacebook: