Review: Gray Cyber Watch Titanium – Straight Up Sexy

Gray out of Singapore is really upping the game with their high-end mobile device accessories.  Just like advertised, their pieces are truly works of art.  I previously reviewed their case for the AirPods Pro, which I loved, but the piece I was most anxious for, besides their upcoming Advent Titanium Case for the iPhone 12 Pro Max, is the Cyber Watch Titanium case for the Apple Watch Series 6.  

One of the biggest gripes I’ve heard since the first time the Apple Watch was unveiled, that it wasn’t big or chunky enough for a lot of guys.  Large watches have become a staple in the fashion world.  A few years back, Apple listed and ever-so-slightly increased the screen size by just millimeters.  While I personally love the look of Series 6, when I saw the literature for the Cyber Watch, I knew this was something I had to try for myself.  

My 44mm Titanium Apple Watch with the Leather Link and Cyber Watch Titanium from Gray

Gray sent me to review the Titanium version, which is a silver color, and while I normally prefer black everything, the Titanium is super sexy.  Makes my watch pop.  My only concern I had about this case was that it appeared to me that the band was part of it, and that would limit the use of the multitude of expensive first-party bands I’ve purchased from Apple over the years.  Well, I was pleasantly surprised on two fronts.

Cyber Watch Titanium

The box, as with all of the gear from Gray, is packed in robust and sexy packaging that itself is something to gawk at.  Included in the package is the watch case, different sized bands, a screwdriver, two little screws and a rubber gasket housing.  The installation was harder than I expected, but considering I am ultra technical yet poorly mechanical, I still pulled it off in under five minutes.  The rubber housing goes around the four sides of the watch, and then the two pieces of the Titanium case piece together one at a time on the watch, and the two minuscule screws tighten it down.  The rubber housing prevents scratching and acts as a buffer to the case and your watch. They thought of everything.  

Aurora Cyber Watch

What were the two things I was surprised about? I didn’t forget…just building up the suspense.  You can use any of your existing bands with this case.  I am in love with the new Leather Link band from Apple, and the pairing of the two is beyond sexy.  My wife has gotten concerned how I’ve started looking at this sexy throttle on my wrist, and makes me take it off before I go to the bathroom.  The second thing? The silicone FKM band is also quite sexy itself.  Its big, its bulky, and makes this thing a desirous beast that everyone else who simply has a standard Apple Watch will want to get you out of the way for.  

Ok, I know if you’ve seen this piece on their site, you know that the starting price for aluminum variant is $399, and that’s seemiklyg pricey for a watch case.  Especially when its about the same price as the Apple Watch itself.  The Titanium version they sent me is $599, so even pricier.  But if you are looking at the Gray products to start with, you know you pay for elegance and uniqueness, and this bad boy oozes both.  The Cyber Watch Titanium transforms a beautiful and timeless design of the Apple Watch into a sexual fantasy of technology.  If you can afford to buy this watch case, you should as it is like Clark Kent taking off his glasses: he didn’t stand out before to be recognized, and now he’s simply Super.  

The Cyber Watch Titanium is Super. 

Check out Gray’s website for this piece and more sexiness.