Xenoma and Nishikawa Sangyo Co., Ltd. Collaborate toward Smarter Sleep

Xenoma and Nishikawa Sangyo Co., Ltd. Collaborate toward Smarter Sleep

Tokyo, Japan – Xenoma, a world leading smart apparel company and Nishikawa Sangyo Co., Ltd., a long-established company delivering premium bedding solutions have announced a collaborative development of smart ankle band for more comfortable sleep environment. The prototype of the smart ankle band will be presented at CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

Xenoma’s ‘e-skin’ is the smart apparel technology brand that freely creates a multi-modal sensor infrastructure which is light, comfortable, durable and machine washable. Nishikawa Sangyo Co., Ltd. is well known as a manufacturer of high-quality mattress, pillow and other bedding apparatus and developing next-generation bedding gear through research in cutting-edge sleep science.

The smart ankle band developed collaboratively with both companies detects outer ankle temperature and works automatically with Nishikawa’s bedding gear during sleep. It aims to provide comfortable sleep for those who have troubles in sleeping due to the cold.

The prototype of the smart ankle band will be showcased in Xenoma’s booth at the CES 2019 in Las Vegas, NV from January 8-11. Xenoma’s booth is located on the second floor of the Sands Expo #44206.

About Nishikawa Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Nishikawa was founded in 1566 by Niemon Nishikawa the first to peddle various items and sell mosquito net developed by Nishikawa. Nishikawa started selling futon (traditional Japanese quilted comforters) in 1887 and has become a manufacturer of bedding apparatus. In 1984 Nishikawa opened the Japan Research Laboratory of Sleep Science and has been collaborating with academia in beauty, anti-aging, and brain science.

It has been exploring how better sleep influences in persons and delivering products and services (so called “Your Life Toward the Future”) for comfortable sleep of each person. The product and service lineup include “AiR,” as a conditioning mattress, “&Free” as a personal fitting program “Nemuri-no-Soudan-Jyo” as counselling on sleep environment improvement.


About Xenoma

Xenoma specializes in system integration using smart apparel. Its stretchable electronics technology Printed Circuit Fabric (PCF) enables their smart apparel brand e-skin to be comfortable clothing for daily life. Founded in November 2015 as a spin-out from the University of Tokyo and collaborating with Japanese apparel manufacturing and trading companies, Xenoma is able to achieve the ultimate human – machine interface through e-skin products. Xenoma works across many industries and sectors to design, develop, and manufacture turn-key smart apparel system solutions.


Press contact Nishikawa Sangyo Co., Ltd.:

Shin-ichi Yamamoto

Phone: +81 3 3664 3750

Email: iot-prj@nishikawa1566.com

Press contact Xenoma:

Yuka Tomitori

Phone: +81 3 5735 4622

Email: yuka_tomitori@xenoma.com

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