Champagne: Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

Champagne is something reserved for special occasions: weddings, New Year’s Eve, maybe birthdays. However, when you are parents, you must forge your own special times, and that can be when the little spawns of evil are asleep.  Those precious few hours of slumber before your own turn down is what my wife and I live for…..a few drinks and the Real Housewives of Any City But Our Own.  A young brand of champagne is taking the world by storm, and already accounts for third place behind storied brands.  Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte (CNF) aims to change how champagne is made, and more importantly, how it is enjoyed.  Wednesday 9pm Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and a champagne celebration before we pass out? Count me and my wife in.  

CNF aims to change our perceptions of champagne, and is already doing an admirable job at doing so.  They use a co-op model to grow, and this revolutionary technique of not relying on your own vineyard, equates to CNF being to make champagne on demand, and keep the costs reasonable.  Their Reserve Exclusive Brut is only $39 retail, and their Reserve Exclusive Rose is $56.  This means my wife and I can enjoy four bottles of each a night to compete with what we spend on Dino Nuggets and DoorDash a week.  

CNF was gracious enough to send us a bottle of each.  I was very excited; my wife was pissed though as she’s six months pregnant, so no go for her.  And, on top of not being able to drink the heavenly grape with me, she also was further tortured by watching me imbibe on both flavors, and doing so in both standalone form, and the worst torture a pregnant mom can have: mimosas.  I laughed, I cried, and I enjoyed the hell out of these two bottles of CNF. My wife also shared some of that emotion, crying, and that was mixed with anger and resentment.  CNF has brought my family together, as my wife will now not let me out of her sight to make sure I am not enjoying anymore CNF without her.  September she gets her pregnancy walking papers, and I will be ready to greet her with a bottle of CNF and a spectacular mimosa in hand.

I am not a wine or champagne expert by any means, however, I have tried multiples of their competition, and CNF stands a good head above the crowd.  My wife will love it when she finally gets to try it…until then I will do my best to not get caught, I mean not drink until our new son is born.