Secrecy and Leaks: What to Expect at Apple’s Big Event

The fall’s promise is that of new gadgets from Apple and Google, and this year is no different.  Apple’s big fall lineup show is Tuesday, September 12, and this year marks the iPhone’s tenth anniversary.  Here comes the massive hype and excitement….or does it?  Thanks to at least one unscrupulous alleged Apple employee, we now know pretty much every single secret and surprise of Apple’s Big Event.

Friday, someone leaked the gold master, or potentially final build, of Apple’s next operating system, iOS 11.  In the firmware’s code, it has keys to unlock all of Apple’s secrets for the big event, and while not a ton of surprises were unveiled compared to what has previous leaked from China and other manufacturing hubs, certainly enough to take the wind of the sails of Apple’s big day.

According to the leak, the big event will showcase three new phones: the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the new OLED, bezel-less iPhone X.  The X will contain more core processors than ever before, making it faster than even the fastest iPad Pro.  The bezel-less 5.8” design we discussed previously has also been confirmed, as well as Apple’s new biometric security feature, Face ID which replaces Touch ID.  Even the Face ID setup process has been unearthed.

Joining the three new iPhones, will be an apparently minor revision of the AirPods, with the charging indicator moved to the outside front of the charging case.  This would allow you to see how much charge your case and AirPods have without cracking the lid.  AniMoji’s appear to be the sleeper hit of tomorrow’s event, utilizing the new 3D facial recognition camera to overlay your face and facial expressions onto animated emojis.  My face on the poomoji? Yes please.  This will be HUGELY popular. We also have confirmation of the new Apple TV 4K, loaded with multiple flavors of HDR video. Lastly, we know now that the new Apple Watch Series 3 will have LTE, and it will work apparently with phone calls out of the box utilizing your existing phone number.

Apple has legendary internal security, but that seems to have taken a hit as of late, with the HomePod firmware revealing many key details of the new product lineup in the past few weeks, and this new firmware leak revealing everything.  I feel like a kid that was just told Santa wasn’t real.  This must be a real kick in the teeth for the tech giant.  Either way, I will be watching the live stream tomorrow eagerly.  You should too.

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